Founded in 1992,

Agnello Reporting Specializes in

Stenographically Recorded Depositions

Introducing Our

Court Reporting Company

For more than 25 years, Agnello Reporting has been dedicated to providing exceptional services throughout Northern Michigan. We specialize in stenographically recorded depositions, video-conferencing depositions and Sworn Statements.


We are capable of professionally printing and/or producing electronic files of transcripts. Additionally, we offer complimentary deposition rooms and accommodation assistance as necessary.


Competitive prices, reporting accuracy and reliability make Agnello Reporting an optimal choice in the industry. Our clients are our number one priority.

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All depositions are recorded on a 45100 EA Luminex Writer

Our Founder


Born and raised in Northern Michigan, Cathy Agnello dreamed of starting a business and raising her family in her hometown of Charlevoix. She received her 3-year Associate’s Degree from Ferris State University in Court and Conference Reporting. She worked full-time at Northwest Reporting in Traverse City, Michigan, for more than 10 years before establishing her own business. In the early 1990’s, Agnello Reporting was born.

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